WorkPoint 365

Document management, project management, case management and much more in one platform.

WorkPoint 365 is an extension to SharePoint Online and Office 365 that makes it easier to manage documents and tasks across projects. Therefore, WorkPoint 365 is typically utilized as a platform for ESDH solutions, project portals or smaller case management solutions in legal departments.

Usability and control

You probably already have Office 365 in your organization, so why not take advantage of the tools you already have access to, which users know and are comfortable using? By adding WorkPoint, you can effectively accomplish two very important things when it comes to case and document management:

  • Strong usability - through direct integration into Office products, making case relationships a matter of drag-and-drop and through powerful search-based tools.
  • Content, context and security management through easy-to-understand and easily manageable interfaces. This makes it possible to have a full overview of the content on the platform and to set up the right security rules, etc.

This means that Office 365 becomes so much stronger a platform seen from both a user perspective and from an IT / compliance perspective.

Standard Services

ProActive's approach to the area is built around a number of standard services that extend across industries and functional areas. We have solutions for:

  • Supply industry
  • Case Management
  • Public ESDH
  • Legal departments (handling cases, contracts, IP and data processing agreements)
  • Project portalsInternal file management

Standard delivery model

With Office 365 and WorkPoint combined with our solid and proven delivery model, we can safely bring you from a file drive to a modern ESDH or project management solution in the cloud.

ESDH in the digital age

Modern ESDH is an integral part of the digital workplace along with the other Office 365 tools.

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