Strengthen the collaborative culture and social knowledge sharing within your organization.

Networking, relationships and access to skills and knowledge are one of today's most important competitive parameters. The use of Yammer as a social network within and between organizations makes it possible to find and utilize the valuable knowledge that flows between people in organizations.

With Yammer you get:

  • Access to and mobilization of skills and knowledge regardless of geographical or organizational location
  • Easy and intuitive knowledge sharing
  • Shared culture and improved collaboration across locations and borders
  • Mobile access to knowledge sharing
  • Involvement of relevant employees wherever they are

Focus on organization, culture and habits rather than technology

Implementation and use of Yammer is more about organizational culture and habits rather than technology. New forms of collaboration and knowledge sharing take time, and unless employees understand the value, it is difficult to reap the value of a social network. Therefore, the main emphasis should be on organizational implementation rather than technical implementation, which is quickly completed.

Introduction to Yammer

"Social Enterprise is implemented 80% through organization culture and 20% through technology.”

Modern Workplace

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Modern Workplace
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How can we help?

ProActive's consultants have extensive experience in establishing and facilitating professional social networks in global enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. We assist with technical setup, organizational implementation, ongoing network management (community management) and with continuous measurement and follow-up of success.

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