Get the right person for the job

ProActive has more than 200 permanent consultants and a number of permanent partners and can therefore offer consultants for most needs. Public customers have the opportunity to purchase by direct allocation on SKI 02.17.

The characteristic of our consultants is that they have many years of experience and represent our values:

  • Innovation - we are passionate about making a difference with the latest technology
  • Quality - we always deliver in the right and agreed quality
  • Credibility - we promise nothing more than we can keep, and should it happen, we will make an extra effort until things have been rectified
  • Engagement - we are passionate about what we do

We are also honored to collaborate, share knowledge and communicate openly and honestly.

ProActive Consultants

ProActive can provide competent consultants, whether you need an expert for a short-term assignment or an entire team for long-term engagement.

We offer the following profiles:

  • Project managers - project management of large and small IT projects according to Scrum, PRINCE2, IPMA
  • Business consultants - IT strategy, business analysis, solution design, quality assurance and change management
  • Architects - enterprise architecture, solution architecture, implementation strategy and technical quality assurance
  • Developers - development, automation, testing and documentation
  • IT specialists - IT architecture, infrastructure, installation, scripting, configuration and optimization
  • Supporters - day to day tasks focusing on operations and happy users

We have permanent specialists in all Microsoft products - Microsoft 365, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure.

ProActive Consulting

We offer consultants on 4 levels:

  • Principal consultants - professional lighthouses with many years of experience and a unique level of knowledge, which act as sparring partners for other consultants
  • Senior Consultants - Experts with many years of experience who have tried it all at least once and do not get in the way of complex tasks
  • Consultants - skilled consultants with solid experience
  • Junior consultants - less experienced consultants with great potential, who are just at the beginning of their careers and who in turn like to take on more routine tasks
  • A ProActive consultant never stands alone, but can draw on his entire hinterland.

Address us with your need for assistance and we will have an initial discussion. In the end, it is always the customer who decides what the right team is.


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