We take pride in helping our customers take advantage of technology. Therefore, it is also a matter of course for us to help buy the right thing.

You can buy Microsoft licenses on all types of agreements and get advice on licensing, license management, support and billing.

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Microsoft licensing programs

You can buy your licenses through ProActive in many different ways:


More and more companies are opting for cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure, and there is a growing need for a flexible licensing scheme where the number of licenses can be easily scaled up and down as the business needs. ProActive is a CSP partner.

Monthly payments - Pay only for consumption (backwards)

  • Flexibility
  • The number of users can change from day to day
  • Subscriptions and plans can be changed daily
  • Quick provisioning of new tenant and subscription
  • No cumbersome activation¬†

Easy migration

  • Easy migration from e.g. on-premise
  • Did you get started with Azure with an up front commitment at Microsoft or do you pay by credit card and would like it changed? We can easily and cheaply help you, so we bill you for your current Azure consumption backwards.

Of course, if you haven't got 100% in the cloud yet, there is still the opportunity to supplement with on-premise licenses under the traditional MOL, OV and OVS agreements. We also continue to assist with School, OVS-ES and EES agreements.

For companies with more than 500 users, an EA, EAS and an associated SCE agreement can be an advantageous choice for the following reasons:

  • Need for central purchasing and administration of licenses
  • Need for hybrid licensing with a Microsoft deal
  • Need for a so-called "amendment" to the agreement, ie special agreements concluded with Microsoft
  • Need for standardization on desktops / users or servers
  • Need different user profiles

Licensing Consultancy

As an independent Microsoft licensing partner, ProActive first and foremost wants to help our customers with licensing advice in order to be "Compliant" on Microsoft licenses and agreements using the following activities:

  • Contract Management: General licensing advice, review of contracts, compliance with renewal deadline, help with calculations, status meetings
  • True Up Management: Review of True Up process, compliance with True Up deadlines, True Up documentation, True Up meeting regarding EA / EAS / SCE / MCA agreements
  • Order Management: Quantity Adjustment, License Reservations and Order Processing
  • Software Assurance Management: Activation and Assignment
  • Outsourcing of tasks: Managing named portals
  • Single Point of Contact: Daily support

License Services

To ensure the best advice, we can offer you the use of our services "License Basic" and "License Advance". This applies to both companies covered by agreements such as EA, EAS and SCE, but certainly also companies covered by CSP, OV, OVS, MOL.

License Basic

We help you manage your Microsoft appointment so your IT staff can spend the right time. This service includes the following activities:

  • Compliance with order and renewal deadlines
  • Contract management (creation, renewals, new CPSs (customer price sheets) etc.)
  • License reservations at VLSC
  • Adjusting the number of licenses within Online Services as well as Azure Commitment
  • Enabling Software Assurance Benefits
  • Assigning Training Vouchers and Planning Services
  • Electric help Outsourcing of tasks on Microsoft Portals (Ex: VLSC, MS Business Center)
  • Submitting offers and scenario calculations on all types of agreements
  • Status meetings as needed
  • Daily telephone and email support for the period: 9-16
  • Single point of contact for license support

License Advance

We offer you a more in-depth licensing service here. You can choose to use License Basic and License Advance at the same time, but you can also choose between them. We ensure that you have knowledge of your Microsoft licenses and contract so that you are able to make the right decisions for your future license set-up. This is done using the following activities:

  • Review of your Microsoft contract
  • Annual TU meeting for EA, EAS and SCE customers
  • General License Advice (access to the license hotline and a broad assessment of the entire license set up).
  • Help and advice for the negotiations with Microsoft when entering into EA, EAS and SCE agreements.
    Contact us for further information regarding our Licensing Services.

Other software

In addition to Microsoft licenses, ProActive sells a variety of other licenses and third-party products, including:

  • BitTitan
  • IntraActive
  • KeepIt
  • Metalogix
  • Nintex
  • Quest
  • Veeam
  • WorkPoint
  • Zylinc


Tanya Maria
License Coordinator
+45 41 30 42 82
Haslund Andersen
License Specialist
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